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Should I be worried about this?

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I ran a backup before I sold the old computer, and I recently opened up some of the pictures and programs I had saved, and my antivirus kicked in and deleted one of the programs. I had been using that program for quite a long time, so I realized the people who sent out that trojan had already had control of my computer for quite some time. The old computer is no longer infected, and I changed all my passwords since then, so I didn't get that frightened.

Then I thought I'd better be on the safe side, because it's not that hard to merge a .exe file with another innocent looking file, so I ran a netstat -a and this is the resault


When I usually do it, I get a few ones with the local adress or to the same external adress. I know some of them, like xxx.xxx.x.xxx:6667 is mIRC and so on.

I have uTorrent open, and that makes connections with a lot of other programs, but won't that just show a lot of connections through 1 port?

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Oh lol, I forgot to look at the process ID xD

At least half of them was from the same program :P

6448 is uTorrent :P

I checked the PID on the other ones aswell, and they were all from legit programs.

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