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Corby CSS Application


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Gameserver: CSS surf/fun

Age: 19

Country of origin: England UK

Link to SteamCommunity profile:


Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Well I think that the majority of you know me, previously being an admin on the gmod servers before, where I requested to be demoted because I was pretty inactive and I understood it was a fairly popular spot. I think that demonstrates my level of maturity and dedication to seeing the server/community progress as best it can. Im an honest, active, friendly person as alot of you may know and recently I've been playing the CSS servers alot more now because I have alot of free time. (Exams over and nothing to do for like 4 months). I think what prompted me to apply was the fact I notice the occasional hackers/spammers online and I end up always calling on IRC for someone or poking ywa if the server goes wrong.

All in all, I think what makes me a good choice is that I understand the rules, I'm a fair person, I'm friendly, I'm pretty well known amongst the entire community and last time I was admin I would say I did a good job (hopefully xD).

So please consider me and if you don't require me now, as I said before I have alot of spare time, so maybe leave this thread lingering around?

Thanks, Corby

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"Nothing to do for like 4 months"

How about after that. They do require admins. I'm a bit sceptic myself

I say nothing to do for 4 months, but then I go to university. Which is like another year of doing nothing, so I'll infact have more free time then I ever have before.

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