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Fucked up christian forum.....

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Registring as monk-i


Random question I get in order to complete registration:

Random Question

Fill in the blank using your King James Bible: Song of Solomon 8:10 I am a wall, and my ______ like towers: then was I in his eyes as one that found favour.

EDIT2: Breasts

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Society's a weak excuse for a man. Religion even more. So many people have spent all their life praying to someone who doesn't exist, just to go to Heaven. Then they die, and (I don't know of course) then they don't go to Heaven at all. Of course then they are dead so they can't feel bad for wasting their own life, but still it shows how completely stupid Humans are.

Doves and crows are way more intelligent than humans. Doves take freedom to another level by taking a crap everywhere, I'd do so as well since doves are more intelligent and people, not literally, shit on animals as well. Crows are just intelligent because they talk with each other when no one is around.

Parrots, cats and cows are among the other underestimated geniuses. But there are way more animals who are so much smarter than humans. But dogs, spiders and sharks are the root of all evil. Dogs are just like humans, a good brain but aggressive and only using the brain to violence (not all type of dogs).

There, that's the true religion. Sorry, I'm in a poetic mood today, it seems.

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