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How to use Source Recorder.

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About FPS lag, just use Source Recorder. It's better, it has amazing quality, and you can set your details to HIGHEST and control the FPS, it takes small amounts of space. Note: You do NOT have to have your highest details on while recording a demo! You set them later!

Quick guide, (ALL DONE IN CONSOLE):

record demoname,


EXIT THE GAME YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN. Set all your details to high and type 'host_framerate 30'. This sets your FPS to 30, the best.

startmovie moviename avi,

Select Xvid Codec in the small window (note: if you don't have Xvid, I suggest you download it, then again, any other codec would work fine.),

playdemo demoname

(The console will play the demo extremely laggy and without sound, but that's the way it's supposed to be.)

The demo will finish eventually, after that type endmovie.

The movie will appear all neat and dandy in your garry's mod folder. (x\games\steam\steamapps\guy\garrysmod) It's already the highest quality there is and ready to be uploaded into Youtube, but, to make it smaller and gain even HIGHER quality, you should go to a movie editing program such as Sony Vegas.

Here's a small video of my own, a demonstration of what Source Recorder's quality would look like (Watch it in HD):

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