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I'm planning on buying an external HDD, but I can't make my mind up.

So far I've got the LaCie Grand Hard Disk:


And Samsung Story Station 1.5TB Black:


Is there a possibility on buying an HDD without AC-adaptor, so that the power-supply is USB powered?

Price should not go higher than € 100,--

Minimal storage should be 500, but 800-1000 gb is preferred.

Could you help guys me?

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2.5 inch HDDs are often USB powered. Link. I've got one of these (although the 320GB version), and it works fine. Very mobile too, easy to stuff away in your backpack. 2.5 inch HDDs have lower spindle speeds, but that's not much of a problem. They are a little pricier than their 3.5 inch equivalents though.

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