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Lag lag lag lag

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And to answer all of those: No, everything is supposed to be fine, it only lags on L4G.

Well gee sport, if we all have retarded answers, you must know the solution yourself!

Move closer to servers. There, problem solved :V

Fix your internet

Is someone in your house downloading? If not fix your internet, as notte said.

If it's only you having a high ping then this was not worth the thread.

:VAnybody else got any solutions?

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Do this in Regedit.

it fixed my connection problems ( as shown @ my Profile page)

In red edit go to:


Now you want to go and seek for: "DhcpDefaultGateway" with as value: [Your IP adress]

While in that directory create two DWORD keys (32 bit)

one named: "TCPNoDelay"

and one named: "TcpAckFrequency"

( Exactly like that(but without the " of course))

Now set both values as "1" (Hexadecimal)

now you will something like this:


Close regedit and reboot.

check your speed @ Speedtest.net and Pingtest.net enjoy your results.

Edit: Source: http://lifeandcode.net/2009/05/reduce-game-network-latency-in-windows-7-or-vista/

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