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Messy's Application.


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Hello. I'm Messy and most of you know me. I know that ZS doesnt need admins, but IW does. I am proud of playing ZS and IW, and I will help the servers a lot if I get accepted.

General Information

Gameserver: Garry's Mod servers (Mainly the Infected Wars Server).

Age: 14 years old. (Birthday: April 17)

Country of origin: Greece

Link to SteamCommunity profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Messy1337

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

In game I'm known as ●Mèssy●, and In the forum and IRC as Messy.

I'm well known in the server, kind, and I always help new people and keep them all playing. I also helped admins a lot this year, stoping spawn camp and calling Sacrifical or Toaster when needed.

Noone has the mid day and afternoon shift, since the 2 admins (Sacrifical and toaster) are on usually on night or evening.

IW needs admins. When Toaster and Sacri leave, 3-4 turrets and more than 6 players get in spawn and ruin the game. Apparently there is noone to stop them. And there is no reason to call admins again when they need to go.

I know that IW doesn't have too many exploiters/farmers/glitchers,hackers e.t.c... But you never no! Someone can ruin the game anytime.

In the IW server I'm well known, I also have experience in administration and the game. I've been a co owner of a medium Cider RP server for 1 year doing an ok admin.

I have played on the IW server for 750 hours atm, and ZS for 12 hours.

I don't play ZS that much, because I love IW more, but I enjoy playing both.

I'm mature for my age, and I think it will be a very SMALL problem this time. Many players say I act much older.


IW: Very very active, I'm on 10-14 hours a week there. I totaly have 750 hours as I said.

ZS: 11 hours totally. I play a little ZS lately, but not too much.

Gmod: My 2/3 of gmod hours have gone to ZS and IW. You can check my gmod hours in my profile :)

IRC: I'm online 6-8 hours a day in IRC. Hope it's ok :D

Forum: I'm very active, visiting forums and posting every day.

My qualities

Friendliness, matureness and kindness are the qualities that an admin must have in my opinion, and I'm happy to have all of these :D


Now it's up to the top crew!

If I get declined, I will OFC be active as the same I've always been!

If I get accepted, I will celebrate for 20 days! And help a lot!

Thank you for reading! Hope you accept!

Cheers :)


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Messy's age is definitely not a problem. He's a great candidate imo :)

I think I've known messy ever since he/we started out, and he's always nice, not only to me, but to everyone.

Good luck, Messy! ;)

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