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[idea]New ACL

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As we all know, there aren't too many MTA admins in such a crowded server. The server is one of the most populated Race servers in MTA, yet the staff isn't always there to help players or take actions when somebody breaks rules.

I understand why it is hard to become an Admin. Not everyone is fit for it, but since we could use a helping hand, why don't we have another ACL Group with limited privilegies, where it would be easier(and faster) to get in, if the player in cause is a regular and has never been known for rule-breaking. For instance they could kick, but they couldn't ban. Or they could only mute. I think you get the point. The point of limiting their privilegies is to make sure they do not abuse their powers, especially harsh powers like Ban. If they prove themselves, in time they shall get promoted.

How would you like to see this happen in the server?

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no, only admins should be able to do that.

We have the best handpicked admins, so giving some people limited admin rigts in-game would properly just turn into our server having a bad reputation for kicking people for nothing and for the fun.

Admin are admins, ans thats how it should be

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tictoc, one of the rules is that you can't be in another clan, if u want to become an admin. dunno if that applys to jr admins.

I know, I read the rules. I did officially apply. I suppose if I have to I can remove the -]alw[- tag. I can always put it back on when i go race on the alw server.

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This would indeed fix the issue when an admin is not nearby. The server really does need more admins but is this jr. admin thing a good idea? I don't know.

I approve it because it sounds good in theory. Unfortunately I do not see it in a good light on the practical side. People would most probably start abusing it since it'd be a lot easier to get into (than real admins). But I don't know.. still worth a shot I think. Strict surveillance for the juniors and permban if abusing?

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