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I am officially applying for admin on the MTA server. You all know who I am. I have played MTA for 5 or 6 years. Play nearly every day on your server. I know i belong to a clan, but i feel as though though that should not matter in your decision. I am fair and get along with damn near everyone who plays regularly on your server.

I am an admin on the ALW server and have been for many years. I am a fair and unbiased player and i know a little spanish LOL!!!!

Game Server: MTA

Age: 36

Country of Origin: United States

No steam profile:

No xfire id

Lets see...as i mentioned i have played MTA for a lot of years. Have been a member of the alw (www.fearedgamers.net) community for a long time where i am still active. I have lived all over the United States and currently reside in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Was married for ten years but video games probably led to that ending :P.

Now I just work two jobs, hang out with the GF and Taint3d. I like to read, drive stupid fast in my car, listen to frenchkissfm.com and drink too much beer occasionally.

If you wanna now anything else just let me know.

Steam id: dont got one

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I'm a regular at the MTA race server and it definitely needs more night time/early morning admins. (im from NL timezone) The server can turn into a serious mess around that time without the admins.

TicToc is a good and fair player (but damn his top times! xD)

And I would like to see him added to the admin team.

(btw. My 1st post on this forum. hi all!)

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Do not take this rule when you decide about TicToc gets the administrator right or not.

"Also, if you're in a clan now. You must leave that clan as soon you join the admin team."

He is friendly, active and have admin skill. He would be perfect admin. And the most important he plays from USA. Jugger the only one admin who play from other time zone. It would be cool one more admin from other time zone.

TicToc for President!!!

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