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My resignation

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So yeah,

Ever since ZS had massive changes when i became admin, and IW went inactive,

I started to dislike it, I hoped it would be better in the future.

I have been thinking about this decision for 4 months and I reached my final choice.

There are 2 reasons im resigning.

1. I dont like to play ZS and IW anymore. (I dont enjoy it as much as i did)

2. I'm making room for people who are playing IW and ZS and want to admin it. ( Admin roster is full now )

To Deluvas: I'm not saying it's your fault or anything that I disliked ZS.

You changed it so alot of players can have fun with it, it was important because ZS was dying.

So keep up the good work and get some more players for zs :) .

I sure hope this post aint dramatic because im shure not aiming for that, just wanted to tell the reason i quit.

+ This doesnt mean im leaving here, why should i leave you guys :P

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