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New GC item. Golden Wrench


Golden wrench?  

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  1. 1. Do you want Golden wrench?

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    • No.

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Just simply new GC idea. Golden wrench.

Costs: 3000-5000

And is just simply golden wrench, replaces your wrench and is exactly same as Golden wrench (Material, Golden statue)

You need iron & steel forging items to get this.

I was just thinking this because

1. Its possible

2. something to waste Green-Coins :D

3. Its cool to fool ppl sometimes (Look i got golden wrench :P)

4. Golden statues are funny sometimes

5. Something new in shop

Please take this seriosly. I dont meant this to be any troll or something.

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No no


This fits my reaction more:


Why ;(

I think this is impossible to begin with, and it's a new weapon; the GC advantages are already mashing things up.

You dont get any advantages, just show that you are cooler or something :D

As in, the GC advantages are already confusing. Seeing everyone with a golden wrench makes it more confusing

Also, it is probably impossible. How would you want to implant this? I haven't seen any server with custom weapons. It's in conflict with Valve's weapons system. Maybe a forced reskin of the weapon, but it wont work.

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Nein. Non. No. People need to stop being butthurt about not getting a wrench. If you'd got a wrench I guarantee this topic would not have been made, in fact youd probably be against it.

Yes. I know this may seem like I want have that golden wrench (well ofc i do :D) but everyone else wants even try it. Also whats problem with everyone wanting it? It is so easy to put on server (and Valve knows that) i doubt they tried to make it an item which only chosen ones can use.

Ok you were right on that i wouldnt make this topic, but i wouldnt be againsta it. No way.

Edit: New idea for it. You need both engi items? (iron & steel forging) to buy it.

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