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Minecraft server rules


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I set up some rules based on our first weeks playing the Minecraft SMP. The game is pretty easy to grief so I think they're necessary. If you notice anybody breaking them, report it on IRC as soon as possible (or PM me, be sure to make screenshots)!


(CHANGED: just type '!rules' ingame)

These rules are subject to change.

Fucking up the server will result in permaban.

General suggestions on maintaining the server and how not to be a dick

  • You don't need a building with the surface of a square mile to live in. If you're going to make larger structures, work in teams and put some effort in it besides being 'large'.
  • When building large structures (in a team), try to plan ahead. Don't go building right next to someone else's creation if they don't want to. Talk with people involved before you start building.
  • Put back sapplings once you cut down a tree (destroy leaf blocks till they drop sapplings). That way you're sure everyone around has enough wood later.

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I have been burning floating leaves because it's a pain in the ass to remove them manually. I do still remove them manually in areas with a lot of trees or buildings, because I simply don't want to risk it. Nontheless, it's impossible for fire to skip over to another block if there's 3 empty blocks inbetween.

I take it these fires aren't allowed anymore either?

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No rather not. If it goes wrong, it goes terribly wrong. Just break the leaf blocks (or as long as they float in the air, they disappear themselves over time), saves me a lot of trouble having to fix server saves at 2:30 AM.

You can still use fires for chimneys / beacons and stuff, as long as there isn't a tree within a mile radius.

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Here's the world backup of the Great Friday 13th Forest Fire.


I managed to delete ALL the fire (which also means any fireplaces people made) in the world. Redgord, me and another guy cleaned up the floating wood blocks afterwards. Also two buildings needed restoring. Made a backup after we were done.

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