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Red faction Guerille Hostage rescue


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I was REALLY bored, so i made this video in 30mins.

Watch 720p plz.

Couple things about Red Faction: Guerilla. Its similar like GTA (in mars) You do main missions, get money, buy stuff and so on. BUT real thing in it that it has AWESOME physics (real building collapse etc.) I am not saying realistic, but cool.


Note that i didnt planed things, i just tried to do mission as i usualy do. But i forgot to set building collapse from VERY HIGH to normal. (If you break one glass on building, its will collapse)

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that's some amazing strategy you thought up right there

He was all like "cheats", Jump on mountain, Kill building, build building.

Ok i failed at cheats part. i only used cheats i put on start (example, speed hack, so i dont need to get car and better jetpack)

Building destruction was pure natural collision system, nothing else.

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