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We're thinking some time between 22nd October - 31st. Post if these dates work for you.

For those interested, main rail lines all go through Leicester, national express is good. So do coaches aswell.

Nearest airport is East Midlands, which is about 20 minutes drive from my house, so a taxi would not be expensive, sorry I can't drive to pick you up from airport though but I can call you a taxi. I can pick those coming from train station up easily. cool.

Well it'll go something like this.

We'll use LAN to play this, with jager of course.


We'll all meet up and be all ready to go out and hit the town, like this -


ERROR will score with this chick


ERROR will tell stories of his happiness for scoring to us


People will be complaining because we causing so much trouble with religious communities, and apparently US police will be there


by the end of the night we'll come home and take a photo all together, we'll be so wasted we'll realise we took a photo of people in an old peoples home and we're actually not even home lol


Then we all go home and cry D:

If you want in, let me know, gonna be exactly like this.

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Tag along da Dutch block, juggalos. We'll hit up the tracks an' spark us a jurassic L, and toke til we baked. An' if a fob comes nagging, we make em defiestifize. Green gonna cease Aliens grumlin'.

Gotta hunt fo' a fly buffet too. Cuz no rhombuses round here. No doubt we'll be duding dem, though Dutch have bitchy mingers, no hoes.

We'll go to whoa biting Stroopwafels. All u kno'.

Wow, I can talk like a gangster so well and I don't even use all this slang. That's the definition of gangster!

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