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Im so sorry D=


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Im sorry for micspamming, its just becouse people see me as the dj of mrgreen deathrun server, they ask me manny times to play a song for them, and yes ofc i do that.

But to ban me for 10080 minutes ? You know theres a mrgreen tf2 server where i play in mutch to, and i like collecting green coints, i would like if you guys unban me, and i promise i stop spamming :( Sorry carpile :<

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You obviously haven't learnt your lesson...

I muted you yesterday for micspam and you've done it in the past. The server rules are that no music should be played through your microphone and you broke that rule on several occasions.

There is no reason to remove your ban. It's just for a week. However if you do it again afterwards you're heading for a permanent ban.

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Why do you have to be so damned strict anyway?

Isn't this a FUN community? He said they asked him.

Sure, but when an admin gets annoyed or anything he has the upper hand to ask him to stop. So, he got his warning and his Banned expired yesterday. So let this topic die :)

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