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Your school/colllege/uni blocked every website?


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EDIT: Didn't really ask for a discussion, but guess I got one now...

And have the annoying idiots disabled all cmd access and internet explorer access?

well you could try this. I made it last night when I was getting annoyed with college and shit.

It's very unfinished and needs to be able to search for proxies and shit, but I'll add that later.

Basically connect using a proxy and start surfing. I included a couple ready HTTP proxies for you too.


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Here's a zip version, plus I fixed a couple bugs when using the address bar and progress bar too.

Also, ignore the ProxyList tab for now. I was adding a basic read/write to text file function for the rich text box but I've ran out of time so it won't work yet. Going to go college and finish it.


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lol they blocked jailbait and WoW-armory on our school too xD

But yeah their making a new "switch" so they can give us temporary internet for 50minutes so our internet access will be blocked totally unless the teacher activates it D=

and for getting to blocked stuff a friend of mine pings the site in the command console and connects to the IP since they only block names at our school

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Hah. Well a UK School/College cannot block a website starting in https since thats against the law here.

So yeah, if you know websites which use https, for example facebook does. Its a way to get round any filters, and if it does block it, tell them that its against the law and they can be fined or worse for it.

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