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Is there any way to make the vehicle revert back to it's original form? on the Kart after i customized the wheels there all oversize now. Is there any way to change them back? in the sultan i added one of the custom paintjobs. Can i get rid of the custom paintjob?




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Am I tripping right now, or did you just somehow bump your own topic by editing it, and even scarier, editing your post 2 minutes before you posted it?

was trying to post another pic

And how did you just edit this post, without there appearing a message that you edited it?

Actually, nevermind. I better just pretend this never happened, or I might freak out.

So, ontopic. I have the skin bug too that my character looks like a ghost. I have it immediately now as well. Sometimes it randomly appears after a few maps. Pourquoi?

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You can remove car mods with

/gcremmod Kart <upgrade_id

and setting the paintjob to 3 removes it

/gcaddpaintjob Sultan 3

I'm working on a more friendly gui so that things will get more clearer.

The skin bug is caused by mta itself, I already tried fixing it but nothing helped so far..

It doesn't seem like MTA developers are going to fix it, so I'll have to come up with another solution

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