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Will you buy Civ 5?


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No! I will download it :P

I just played the campaign of Anno 1404 I just love that game. But I think Civ 5 is more attacking and get your army troops ready. In Anno 1404 you need to build up a big settlement and then you can make your war fleet (This can take about 4 hours:P when you're really done)

But I need to say that I never played the other Civ games :lol: but I will try it this week and hope I will like it otherwise I'm going to play Anno again

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I think if CIV5 has any chance to be a hit like civ 4 it needs its mod packs made by the player community to be a good success again.

Civ4 has hundreds of player made mods like fall from heaven 2


My suggestion is keep an eye on the player mod section of CIV 5 forum (http://forums.civfanatics.com/index.php) ...if it picks up with many player mods..buy the game and choose the mod you like...imo thats the best thing to buy the game on.

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