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Appologies to everyone for overreacting and annoying people about the greenie nominating issue and should of acted more mature about it, I just got used to everyone liking me all the time and I had no idea how some people actually thought about me.

So once again I appologise to everyone about that issue and hope that we can forget about that.

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It's not like we all hate you. Greens is a respected title, just because some people didn't vote for you doesn't mean they hate you or w/e.

Why did you make a topic about it anyway, couldn't you use the shoutbox/IRC? :P

but whatever, apology accepted.

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I voted yes for you! You deserve to be Green in my opinion, but don't take it too serious. Because if you ask to become one, most human beings immediately go negative. By the way, being Green is just a funny extra. Your colour doesn't matter, it's about being nice (this sentence goes to real life as well). Just be yourself, do a barrel roll, and most importantly: don't do anything stupid, cousin! As in, don't be extra nice to us just so you become Green. But you are just nice yourself.

So, young master. Have I just learned you something? Then you give me some mon... okay okay, it's free.

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