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Searching a skin for Left4Green


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One of the things me and Ywa still want to do is giving Left4Green a nice new forum skin. Not too dark or heavy, but light (much like the original Mr. Green skin) and with a more fitting color palette.


That's one site that shows a lot of good IPB skins. We're running IPB 2.3 just so you know. We could afford to pay a little for the skin, although a free one is always better :)

Help us find one!

A few that caught my interest:


Pros: color palette I'm looking for.

Cons: bit too bland


Pros: nice style and color

Cons: bit too dark?


Pros: smooth, stylish, simplistic, love it

Cons: not exactly the right colours

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I quite like the Green on Black look of this one here, called Game Over -


I also like the minimalist look of this one with the Green Bold Sections -


My favourite one out of the ones you've got there is the Phone Dark Green, It looks really professional.

Third one is quite good too, Just not really the right colours as you said!

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This one might be worth checking too.


Pros: pretty stylish, free

Cons: not exactly rigth color

Also nice:


We might install a few free ones this afternoon to check out how they fit.


There's a green-ish version of the Smooth Skin (3rd one in head post):



Simple but green:



Also nice (and free):


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I've added a few skins to the forum skin manager. You can switch to them by going to the drop-down menu in the bottom left and selecting one. Half the Phone Forum skin appears to be written in Polish though, but that can be changed. Just let me know what you guys think of these skins.

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