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Going Nowhere is basically a snowboard team of me and 3 other friends at the moment, we made it to just film each other and hopefully gain some attention. We film each other snowboarding and crap and generally other day to day stuff. Recently we got sponsored (why I decided to make a FB group and post a thread here, because I was happy) which gives us access to a lot of cool perks and what-not. Some of which being discounted snowboard lessons, snow gear, trips to snowy destinations and much more of course.

We're looking for a couple more team riders and possibly some paid interns (for promotions and all that jabber).

I felt like sharing this because I was hella happy about being sponsored, if your gonna hate, I don't really care, are you a sponsored snowboarder? Probably not.

Going Nowhere Facebook

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And what does this have to do with snowboard? :V

Its a snowboard team basically, we snowboard together and film video parts for eachother. This is the core of the media group, but we also do other stuff so we decided to include that too.

Wait, this is just an advertising thread? mellow.gif

I suppose I should elaborate a bit more, basically I received sponsorship for 'Going Nowhere' not long ago which made me very happy and I wanted to share the news of it with everyone, but basically this is just a thread to spread the joy of 'Going Nowhere' :)

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Where and when exactly do you snowboard? You do it like, once a year/winter, or more?

- Are you taking on team members?

+ Always, we're looking for people who are interested in filming and going on holidays together to snowy destinations, once our sites up and going, get in touch for more information!

Would you mind if I tagged along? I dont snowboard, but Im better than good with ski's(even when I say so myself). I could work as the cameraman(if you need someone to film while you snowboard) or something..?

E: I understand if you are looking guys from your country/your age.

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