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Left4Dead console commands


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Play around with these, taken from Facepunch :D

None of these have really been tested yet, so I can't guarantee they work.

god 1 - Turns on god mode.

noclip - Allows you to fly through walls.

z_spawn hunter/ tank/ witch/ smoker/ etc. - Spawns any of the special monsters you face in the game/ demo. Now use the command below (nb_rush) after you type this command, "z_spawn mob".

nb_rush - Makes all zombies spawned to rush at you. Extremely fun.

z_add - Spawns a normal zombie in front of you.

sv_infinite_ammo 1 - Unlimited ammo, no reloading.

give autoshotgun/ pistol/ molotov/ rifle/ etc. - Gives you any item in the demo.

sb_give - Gives your teammates any item you choose to give them.

z_health - Changes the zombies' amount of health. 1 for the lowest health possible (anything lower than one, the zombies will not spawn). This does not affect the special monsters.

thirdpersonshoulder - Thirdperson over-the-shoulder cam view. Like Resident Evil and Gears of War.

thirdperson - Views the player from the behind camera view. Like Grand Theft Auto.

create_hairball - Crashes the game. Great fun to play with.

ent_fire !self setteam 3 - Changes your team from Survivors to Infected. Now use the "z_spawn" command to change your infected player model.

snd_restart - Restarts sounds if it dies during gameplay.

cam_idealya -1 - Fixes 3rd person aspect if gun is aiming too much to the right.

cam_idealya 1- Fixes 3rd person aspect if gun is aiming too much to the left.

z_speed 1000 -- Zombie run speed!

director_panic_forever - Do this, then


Result: never ending horde

Boom - Spawns an active pipebomb under you. Bind it to a key and go play as Bomberman!

go_away_from_keyboard - Give control of your character to a bot and spectate.


PDF with all cvars: http://left4dead411.com/l4d_cvar_list.pdf

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