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I liked Saxton hale mod :D. balanced (scouts are usualy stupid) and needs a bit teamwork (or camping). I dont hate that you need to wait your turn, but there is one thing i hate. Camping.

Lets take arena_watchtower, REDs got 3 engies, all go to end of pipes and build sentrys, its almost impossible to saxton kill those guys camping there, when there is lvl 3 sentry. I won one of round like this (by camping) and admin kicked me being pussy <_< (I am not sure is that IP same server where i am)

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That is not Saxton Hale.

Real Saxton Hale wouldn't appear on your screen or else it'll explode.

Sadly, it wouldn't be any fun then if screen would just explode, instead of giving him a fight with other 30 players,

Lets just accept that the Saxton Hale in that gamemode is a result of him spitting into the map from the Mann.co office

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