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Meet the ShaPhiTleS again. Shark, Dolphin and Turtle have a feud about who is the best sea animal. So they decided to race to see who's the very best. But where? DolphinitY is too busy, there aren't any free public roads left to race on. Shark-A-Nine Bay is too cold this time of the year. And Turtle Town is still heavily under construction.

So they went to San Andreas, put some water over it, and tadaa.

The beasts script is by .:SDK:.. :)


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I'm sorry that my map turned out so unclear. I always tend to make most maps so that you have to think and look before you go. I understand though that this one is pretty unclear. So I made a n00b-version, with arrows where needed. It's a bit anti-climax, since now you just have to follow the route and you're there, but I hope this will work.


Nice maps, you have a lot of imagination dude :D

Nice map introduction as well xD :D

Thanks. ^^

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This map is just awesome

Races like this are really fun (and challenging). You should make a map-series with Funtastic Voyages all around san andreas xD

Nice job.

Thanks. Here is Funtastic Voyage - Part 3:


There is a hill in that map that you have to go over with Monster Truck + nitro, I hope it works, because if you don't use full speed, you fall back.

(The resourcename should have been "Theology-civilization" instead of "Theory", but oh well, no one will notice.)

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First Of The Month

Nothing special except... it has the same Blur level as my other map (A Night At The RoxBLURy), but it made me go superdizzy. Maybe we can try. Or am I responsible for paying the medical bills?

Okay, I changed the Blur Level to 75. Is that alright?

EDIT: Meh. Deleted the whole blur thingy, but now it's a not so special map.


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Menace II Society.

Of course you have seen the movie Menace II Society, a source of inspiration for San Andreas, and a lot of voice-actors from SA played in that movie as well (like Tenpenny, Ryder, Big Smoke, Kendl, Cesar Vialpando and more).

Song by Mc Eiht (Lance "Ryder" Wilson).

The point of the map is to shoot away the barrels that block the road. I just have to hope that this works with a lot of players, of which most don't have the brains to avoid barrels.


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