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Easy way getting unusual haunted scrap metal


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There are 2 ways, easy (not real way) and not so easy (real way)

Not so easy way getting unusual scrap is hitting Houseman (Boss) with meele once, and then kill with others (you dont need to be killer) But dont die, otherwise you need to hit him again with meele.


1. Make own server and take event map (One with boss)

2. Wait until "Waiting for more players" thing passes

3. Open console and paste this code in

sv_cheats 1; noclip; hurtme -999999999; bot; tf_halloween_force_boss_spawn; sv_cheats 0

4. Find boss and kill it with MEELE

5. Suicide and you will get your metal

Script made 95% by me (friend told me command for spawning boss)

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