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Garry's Mod Architecture


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Hey guys;

My past 16 hours spent playing Garry's Mod were spent designing and building a house - this idea was brought upon me by viewing countless houses and "forts" people posted on YouTube that consisted out of nothing but a few pointless boxes that one could barely call a house

I haven't colored, materialized and furnitured this house yet but the basic design is now done; and without coloring it's easier to see how I constructed it - it's based on a beam/cuboid skeleton with panels and windows - next I'll be adding is a music system throughout the whole house

This house currently counts 580 props


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I've never played zs, I'm friendless so I spent my hours as a hermit building pointless stuff in single player :V

oh yeah don't mind the little blue cube; that's a small in-game Ipod I made with wiremod lol; it plays 6 songs that you can preprogram; I spawn it with advanced dupe whenever I'm working on large projects for some music :V

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nothing lags about this that's just the capturing rate of the video; everything (really every single prop of 580 props) is welded to at least 4 skeleton beams; no-collided with each single proximity prop - and every single prop was manually precision welded with different values for custom paneling; none of it is Easy Welded

The combination of multi-welding, easy precision welding and no-colliding makes this a virtually lagfree house; I can even unfreeze the whole building and it would still stand without any bugs or lag

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