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My question for the day: Is overclocking cheating?

For me i find it quite annoying when one of the overclocker's ram me then say they never saw me. they don't see me because they are playing a sped up version of the game not the one that is actually happing.

for those of us who don't overclock we all no the people who are a bit to fast, or continually get kicked for high ping. or set a record every time they race. and act like they are skilled players(anyone could be good with a speed hack)

I personally think it's a form of cheating but what can you do? Never the less I do invite all of the over clocker's to take off the training wheels and come down and race with the real men.

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The only thing i could possibly think of what is happening in your game is

the you have a high ping but do not lag.

they have an very low ping and sees the lag you don't have.

like the first GTA Rumble. you where running, but other players sees you popping up at different places.

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Yeah, what YWA said. Overclocking would allow you to get more framerate, but the server is locked at 36, so that wouldn't apply here.

The MTA mod is not perfect, hell GTASA itself is not perfect. I know it gets frustrating, but you just have to deal with it. What really gets me is when someone has a near 400 ping and they can pass you like you're standing still and you have a 140 ping. Now that is really annoying. The desync is a common thing though.

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I don't think it's cheating, mostly for the reasons that people have already said.

I really agree with jug bout the imperfection of MTA/GTA. And honestly the race mod we play really isn't super skill based. It's just a fun arcade game, which is why there isn't ghostmode and stuff. Its a goofy, fun game, and you shouldn't get worked up about winning it. I mean, obviously there is skill involved and a speed boost would give someone an advantage, but even if it was that big of an issue I really don't see any practical way of solving it at all.

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