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Liberty City & Vice City maps


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I found a good way to port parts of the Liberty City and Vice City maps to MTA. Without huge fps loss or extreme download sizes. :)

First race in this new series will be put online tonight at our MTA server (Caddy race @ Leaf Links golfcourse (from Vice City)).

What other parts do you guys want to see races from? :)

Note: I can also make, easily, maps based on GTA total conversions such as Myriad Islands (which I might do later).

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hey thats great , how do you proceed ? Im so curious.

I try one time and I need to import the models with kams script map IO in 3ds max, after attach all the objects, slice the models to have little pieces otherwise MTA crash or the object is too big.

After find all the tetxure name.tga it take long time for nothing and its look like the same time for the conversion of the gamecube or wii 3D models.

You have maybe dont understand, but is the truth XD.

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Hey ! Ywa it is possible with your tool to resize the whole part of an VC or gta3 map, it would be nice to race in a tiny VC or in a very big VC or gta 3 and also cars from gta 3 or VC is something you can add. ;)

I'm looking into that. MTA is unstable with lots of objects though. So we need a work-around for that.

First Vice City race is @ the server. Named Vice Madness I

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no not the whole map XD, just a piece of it and make it smaller, so we will be very huge in it, like giant in a city. Its just an idea.

Or make it bigger to be tiny in it another idea

I can resize the models, but its hard after for the texture how can I know wich TXD I need to use :blink: and I dont want to use texture that the map dont need, because it make players download more MB for nothing.

I find this also http://www.gtasa.fr/download.php?act=view&id=1540

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