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Maps which should be fixed. Will you shut up now MoshPit?


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In this topic I will post maps me and other people think should be fixed or deleted. You can post suggestions, but please dont make them ZOMG I DIED IN THIS MAP AND LOST PLX DELETE IT THX



- Ramrod OMGsliding (SQA)


- WRC City Stage (JakeSVK, KillaMarci, pic: http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=unbenanntwz5m.jpg (yay, I am in it!))

- sy fast-sa race (JakeSVK, KillaMarci)

- TnT_Drag (KillaMarci)

- Kraay - Comet Run (KillaMarci)

- Bouncing Around_Puma (KillaMarci)

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Yes lets delete slow maps, animals maps, custom models maps, music maps.

-Lets delete bike maps because they are slow, faggio, pizzaboy etc maps because they are slow...

-Lets remove all karts/rcs maps because they have collision issues (and they are slow)

-Lets delete yoshi's animals maps because it hurts us, they are very difficult to drive are veryyyyy boring.

-Lets delete hydra maps because most people cant drive them and say they dont like them.

-Lets remove helicopter maps because when still in ghostmode your helixes can still hit others.

-Lets remove the ability to enable weapons on maps because if there is a map with a hunter ppl will cry, we don want them to be unhappy, REMOVE!

-Lets remove all sandking maps because they are, like ppl use to say, "more than their mothers".

-Lets remove rollercoaster maps because the edges of the road are very often bugged and u flip.

-Lets remove and ban all boat maps on the server because people whine a lot about them.

-Lets remove and BAN music maps because people sometimes hate to download only music.

-Lets remove the map Hypnose because it can cause epilepsy on certain players.

-Lets remove Motorbike maps because they require extra skill and people with a controller have a natural advantage over keyboard players, therefore making it unfair.

- Let's remove all of this and ask every day to every user wich maps he would like to be deleted (im sure they will be very active answering since they whine about bumping on a little bad road placement, whine about everything...).

- Let's forbide Yoshi from making maps because he makes the most creative ones, ones using animals and slow bikes (and not FAST cars or straight lines).

- Let's make it mandatory to have at least 1 new INFERNUS drag race map with a straight line per day (WITH NO OBSTACLES).

- Oh, LETS TURN GM ON forever because driving an infernus on a straight line may be dangerous and your finger may slip from "w" to "d" and bam...someone rammed.

^ ^

| |

| |


In one week we should be down to 200 maps and be just like any other server.

That happens and i'm outta here, the reason i like this server is because of his variety and quality of maps, if i want to play the same race 4 times a day, i'll play offline.

Maps should be on the server without any further questioning once the uploading admin aproves it and thats it. People will always whine with stupid arguments just as mosh did, listen to every single one of them and the server will never be the same again.

Some maps are better than others, you can't expect to play all of them smootly without getting clusterfucked or rammed, thats life...it happens, cars crash.

Personally i think only a few maps would need to be deleted if not edited.

Now you can't take the most important thing away from this server, thats VARIETY! That's why people play here.

PS: FFS! WTF is wrong with animal's maps?

Such idiot answers...

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I guess we can also use this thread for Ghostmode requests (wanted to make a seperate one for that but then I saw this thread)

So GM theese maps:

- TnT_Drag

- Kraay - Comet Run

- Bouncing Around_Puma

-sy fact-sa race

-WRC City Stage



-San Andreas Championship No. 2

(more to come as I play this evening, will edit this post with more)

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I don't know the names, but there are some RollerCoaster maps that don't have GhostMode.

I think they should have ghostmode turned on, because there is no chances to make the race more exciting by doing P.I.T. manouvres and stuff, instead you keep falling off because 40 players at the same time on a track doesn't really work.

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Emanuel, we dont want to delete half the maps from the server, and I know you maybe are a little angry for me whining about your map. But it was only my personal opinion and I believe righteous criticism is better than no criticism. All maps will be evaluated by the community and I think only the really wrong ones will be deleted.

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First of all im not angry because of you whining on my map because it was completely stupid , u were on the "lets delete maps" spirit and as soon as you saw it, BAM DELETE! Well you got owned because that map was supposed to have gm on because of the kind of map it is (using teleport).

Second of all...WTF kind of shit is that? In one day you mentioned 6 maps you want to be gmed... are you kidding me?

And you are still playing i guess. So you mention 10 maps every day and other people do so...and this will be a ghostmode server. I DO NOT WANT THAT.

How in the freaking world does kray comet run or wrc city stage need GM?

I have a top2 in the second one and it has a tricky part near the start, pass that and you are ok, now this is a race server so if you are slow sometimes clusterfucks happen, now you are telling me we need to gm a map because it has 1 tight spot? Screw that, as most of us already said and Ywa himself, we prefer this to be a non-gm server, except for some maps that really wudnt work without it.

Now what? I go in-game play a map and if i get clusterfucked its because the map needs GM? Wtf is going on here with this mentality.

By the way the community doesnt need to evaluate anything because in fact they will never do it. We are 1% of the server players so its never fair. The admins are responsible for them and may listen to some opinions but not to every single freaking whine.

Racing is all about avoiding the other cars, they are a part of it...avoiding noobs? yes sure, you are even better if you manage to avoid them, thats how i like it, and always will.

Hell do get pissed of with rammers sometimes? Of course I do, i really do but its life and in the end of the day i always managed to avoid more than what i couldnt. If you wanna play an easier game go to nadeo's website and grab Trackmania...enjoy it it has ghostmode.

If the deleting thing was already something to be worried about because of the players character (not being able to separate a really bad map from a hard or tricky map which pissed them of), the gm request thread is even worse, i would say ridiculous, Its a non-gm server dont ask for it. If a map really needs it Bin, SDK or Ywa will be able to judge it when they test-drive it as they are competent admins.

PS1: Btw (more sarcasm), disable f10 stats because mine got bugged and erased, DISABLE!

PS2: Yes i'm really intense about this, I love this server just as it is.

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Emanuel, I am one of last people who want ghostmode on all maps. But some of them simply arent built for 40 players, which includes for example sy fast-sa race. In the brackets are names of ppl who suggested the change, and I put my name only next to maps, which dont really gain any advantage from non-ghostmode. Just because I put them in my post doesnt mean I agree with them being ghostmoded, I do that so people dont have to browse through the whole topic.

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Bin, what i'm i doing? Giving my opinion...

Deleting maps should be only done as a last option.

Some maps that have a clusterfuck near the start can be easily edited to avoid that.

Now the print killa posted its not even in the race start, and i played that map 200 times and never saw it happening there, it happened that that time, sh*t happens.

Now let me give you a pretty good example of a map that can be solved with a very simple editing:

Race to hell (III i think), the one with cp5 at the airport entrance gates, moving that cp would work just fine lol.

BTW, that map is so old that people got used to that clusterfuck already and it kinda became funny lol.

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I'm not saying GO GM THIS MAP NOW OR I WILL KILL YOU! I'm just putting maps there that I think could use GM or some fix so they can be played in a better way. It's not my call to decide if the maps truly need GM, I'm just putting the names down so admins can go take a look at them. You're right that comet race probably doesn't need GM but I'm 100% sure about fast SA race and WRC City Stage (see screenshot, and there are a lot of tight spots like this on the map)

Maybe we could have some other solution...maybe we could make it so that when over a certain amount of players are on the server some more maps are GM...I dunno if that's possible to do but it would atleast be a good solution IMO. I tend to avoid the server when over 30 people are on it as it's usually no fun playing like that.

I don't know why you suddenly hate me just because I'm making a few suggestions...but alright..

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this topic is made for suggestions.

The admins have the last word.

Fighting won't bring us further.

So lets love each other because..

"we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves"

-Bill Hicks

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New setting/option for maps: "ghostmode_checkpoint". Changes the default 5 ghostmode checkpoints to the new value.

Example: new Race to Hell III meta.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<info type="map" gamemodes="race" name="8-Ball - Race to Hell III Beta" author="8-Ball" />
<map src="8-Ball - Race to Hell III Beta.map" />
<setting name="#time" value="22:0" />
<setting name="#weather" value="4" />
<setting name="#respawn" value="timelimit" />
<setting name="#duration" value="1200" />
<setting name="#ghostmode_checkpoint" value="7" />

This should help fixing some maps without editing them.

(I'm sorry for taking away the fun from this map Emanuel)

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