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Gameserver: Mr.Green Gmod Servers

Age: 19

Country of origin: The Netherlands in a small city called Uden

Link to SteamCommunity profile *: http://steamcommunit...d/Damien56/home

Link to Xfire profile **: http://www.xfire.com.../damienthabest/ ( i use raptr instead of xfire)

Link to Raptr profile: http://raptr.com/damien506

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

My name is Damien, im 19 and am still in school doing VWO 6th class and hopefully i make it this year (my disease makes it hard for me to study, because stress makes it worse and school gives me stress :S) when im sick i play lots of ZS and help people on the server. :D after VWO im going to study economics on a university. :) but thats enough about my private life. ;)

I have played on the server for many years and have seen a lot of people come and go. I think that i'm well capable of being an admin on the server. I have had a gmod server myself and I am acquinted with some of the commands and I have used ulx. I know everything about the gametype and the maps, because I played them all a lot of times. I know the players well and can get along with them.

I wont abuse my powers, because I think its the duty of an admin to oversee and only act when neccesary. I'm mature, unlike some people. Nothing has changed much since the last time i tried to become admin, but i still want to help the server. I think you cant really have to many admins on such a great network. I will only use ravebreaks, if zombies are leaving the server. I'm already helping out newbies as much as i can and even if i don't make admin, i will continue helping them. I dont mind spending a lot of time helping new players and you cant easily get me annoyed.

This is my 5th app, but i will always try and help. Hopefully you had fun reading this. I'm pretty quiet on irc when im on, because im to busy playing ZS. Now that zs is being worked on, i expect more players to join and play on the server. This will result in more glitchers/cheaters/hackers etc, so there will be more need for an admin on zs.

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