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Car color codes


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Do any of the admins have a color chart for the custom colors on the server? i.e. the colors past the 126 basic mta colors.

Also the basic color code is of the first 126 colors does anyone know if the list on the server is the same as the basic mta list

If there is no chart. Is there any way that the colors can be put together. The way it is now, it is a mix of custom color and flat black. It would make it alot easer if all the custom colors started at 127 and all the black put together at the end.

Lastly would it be possible to add a shorter command lines for the paint job like (/gcavc in addition to /gcaddvehcol)

same with (/gcalc in addition to /gcaddlightcol) would make it alot easier to customize the veh..

TIA :)


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I'll take note off you're suggestions for the shop.

About the colors, as you can see in your chart only the ones until 126 are documented. After these, a lot of them don't work but some numbers give fresh colors.

Btw, in 1.1 RGB colors will be possible, so no need for charts then ^^

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