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[MC] Automatic door + Simple lock


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Hai thar,

I was bored and wanted to learn you something about Minecraft -> the Redstone dust part, what can be very confusing, even for experienced people. I'll start off I guess.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you have enough space. There’s nothing worse than discover you’re short of space and have to erase some of your work (what might have been hard to make, or took a long time to make, since Redstone dust can be very confusing sometimes). It’s better to make more space than needed, because you can always add some dirt to the places you didn’t need afterwards.

I assume for this tutorial you already have enough Redstone dust (around 30 – 40 will be enough, since you also have to make some Redstone torches). I also assume you have some tools to take away any blocks blocking your path, and the materials to make levers and such. I’ll teach you first how to make an automatic door, and after that how to make a simple lock on it.

First you will need a pressure plate / button / lever which will send power to your door. Wooden doors can also be manually opened, iron doors can only be opened using power from Redstone dust. It doesn’t really matter if you make an wooden, or pressure plate made out of stone. Remember that wooden pressure plates also can be activated by dropping items on it and such, while pressure plates made out of stone won’t be affected.

Now grab your Redstone dust. Now it’s really going to begin. You make a line of Redstone dust and attach a wooden block at it (material doesn’t actually matter). Do not be worried, because I’ll explain everything later. No what you want to do is make a Redstone torch. It is made the same like a normal torch, but this time you’ll use Redstone instead of Coal. After you made the Redstone torch you attach it to your block (wooden block in my case). Now you draw a line again what goes from your block, to the door. At your door you’ll make a wooden block with a Redstone torch again. And if everything went right you should be able to open your door with the pressure plate now.

The torches are called inverters. When it’s 1, it’ll become 0. When it’s 0 it’ll become 1.



The lock:

Now we have our working automatic doors (at least I hope yours work now) we can move on to the lock part. As you see: if there’s no power in the door, it’s closed and vice versa. The whole idea is that there’s always power sent to the last inverter. The last inverter inverts the power sent by your switch (which activates your lock), and then the door will always be closed. Why? Because there’s always power sent to the last inverter, even when nobody is standing on the pressure plate.



Now we’ve come to the end of my tutorial. Feel free to ask questions below.

And please subscribe! – Wait wut?...

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You've to learn the basics yourself by playing it. I don't think a tutorial would be necessary. If you play some MP / SP and look at Minepedia if you're asking yourself some questions, I'm sure you'll know the whole basics in know time.

As I said: this is basics in Redstone dust. That doesn't belong at the normal general basics I think. :P

Edit: thanks for the comment. :3

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