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Big ZS Topic (aka ZS Changes)

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Well, in this topic I'll post upcoming changes and some possible ideas.

SVN Changes (These changes already in svn version):

[bALANCE] Medics now can heal if they are not moving. (No more Run'n'Heal tactic)

Upcoming changes (they will be added to SVN as soon as they will be 100% completed):

[bALANCE] Decreased Zombine's max health from 320 to 260.

[bALANCE] Decreased Poison Headcrab's speed.

[bALANCE] Slightly decreased Glock damage.

Possible changes:

[FIX] Leveling system

Since the current level-up system is bugged I'll make a few changes:


"Pick up X health vials" will be replaced with "Open X supply crates" or "Heal X points from supply crates"


"Kill X headcrabs" will be replaced with "Kill X amount of howlers (or poison zombies maybe)"

"Pick up X ammo boxes" will be replaced with "Open X supply crates"


"Kill X headcrabs" will be replaced with "Kill X amount of ethereals(or howlers)"


Probably I'll bring back the old cade kit (the one from old zs)

"Deal X amount of turret damage" will be replaced with "Deal X amount of mine damage"


"Pick up X ammo boxes" will be replaced with "Open X supply crates" or "Pick up X nails from supply crates"

Feel free to suggest good balancing ideas :monocle:

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Maybe make the medics have to recharge their medkits every time a crate comes by, like if they use all of their hp which lets say might be 75hp or something they would regenerate it back again from the crates but it wont be a constant recharging thing like now so there would be two cons for going as medic, 1 con would be that you can't move whilst healing yourself and the other con being that you can only heal 75hp every time you get hpfrom the crate. And the pro would be you getting 75hp a crate and being able to give yourself and others hp. Also seeing as there would be no incentive to go medic then how about every 10hp heal you do for another human you could recieve 1 score, that way you can get upgrades from healing people enough.

Just a few ideas I had in mind.

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The leveling is a bit flawed as you dont want to hunt 1 class all the time

my sugguestion


comando: x kills,x headshots

bserker: x dmg,X health regen

support: x assists , x props nailed

medic: x heal,x health vials (possibly implement a random vial spawn)

engineer: maybe give a shield that tanks ranged damage(poison/howlers) that needs energy cells or he could use those cells to power a turret for say ((X energy cells x 30secs)maybe same spawn system as health vials)

x energy used,x mine dmg,

if he has a shield he wont take as much mine dmg

but enineer takes x% more mele dmg compared to other classes

EDIT: if you have mysterious stranger perk make it so magnum isnt replaced by glock.

Agreed at doubledges 1gc for x teamate heal

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I'll take a look later.

Fixed medic's leveling up to 4th level at the moment


from 0 to 1 lvl - "Heal 10k hp", "Open 100 supply crates"

from 1 to 2 lvl - "Heal 20k hp", "Open 250 supply crates"

from 2 to 3 lvl - "Heal 500 injured people", "Heal 450 hp from supply crates"

from 3 to 4 lvl - "Heal 1000 injured people", "Heal 750 hp from supply crates"

(maybe I'll increase amount of hp gained from supply crates a bit)


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so the editing can be done by players?

oh thats awesome

3 thing what i would like to affect.

zombine -> has too much hp... way too much

stalker -> well either make it more invisible or make it stop when it hits

poison headcrap -> reduce explosion radius to like wooden box not as big as truck

please do consider these!

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Necrossin, thanks for taking action, let me tell you some things though.

You decide on reducing glock damage, the thing is that the headshot system is overpowered, change that.

Also, correct me if I am wrong but the thing with zombines is that they have high armour (I believe, last time I checked the health was just fine).

Other great ideas:

- Zombine

+ Only available last 5 minutes of round.

- Poison headcrab

1. Remove poison headcrab or bring back old ones.

If not possible do underneath:

1. Increase time between shots.

2. Decrease radius of damage.

3. Decrease damage.

- Ethereal zombie

1. Remove them the class or bring back old ones


2. Decrease damage and unable to teleport.

+ Bring back aim being red when targeting an ethereal zombie.

- Headcrabs

1. Reduce health (+increase damage slightly).

- Fast zombie

1. Increase damage when crawling a human.

2. Decrease damage when pushing humans.

- Poison Zombie

1. Decrease the health effect with 10%.

- Berserker

1. Increase health gain when using melee.

- Weapons

1. Decrease damage for headshots 40-50%.

2. Increase desert eagle damage 10%.

3. Increase magnum damage 5%.

4. Increase damage for melee weapons with 50%

5. Decrease damage for yourself when your on mine damages you.

- Server

1. Cannot be chosen random zombie again for the next round.

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Some more changes (on on SVN yet):

Fixed Medic's leveling(needs some testing):

Perks (the higher level - the better effect:

'Increased pistol damage'

'Increased healing effect'

'Increased movement speed'

'Increased resistance against damage'

Perk ladder:

"Heal 10k hp", "Open 100 supply crates" (lvl 0-1)

"Heal 20k hp", "Open 250 supply crates" (lvl 1-2)

"Heal 500 injured people", "Heal 1000 hp from supply crates" (lvl 2-3)

"Heal 1000 injured people", "Heal 2100 hp from supply crates" (lvl 3-4)

"Heal 400 infected people", "Survive 150 rounds" (lvl 4-5)

"Heal 900 infected people", "Survive 300 rounds" (lvl 5-6)

Changed that medics can't heal only self while moving, but still can heal other players.

Increased amount of health gained from damaging zombie a bit (for Berserkers)

Fixed that Glock was replacing .357 Magnum.

Added small anti-exploit protection for Cade Kit (you can't use it if you are not standing at solid ground):


Added new perk for commando that allows him to see zombie's helth and detect Ethereal zombies via crosshair.

Customized zombie's soundsteps a bit.

Fixed Engineer's leveling (well almost):


'Increased barricade health'

'Increased pulse rifle clip'

'Increasing chance to spawn with pulse rifle'

'Increased mine damage'

Perk ladder:

"Barricade 60 times", "Deploy 150 tripmines" (lvl 0-1)

"Barricade 120 times", "Deploy 350 tripmines" (lvl 1-2)

"Kill 600 undead with mine", "Deal 30k mine damage" (lvl 2-3)

"Kill 850 undead with mine", "Deal 90k mine damage" (lvl 3-4)

"Deal 250k damage with pulse", "Survive 150 rounds" (lvl 4-5)

"Deal 500k damage with pulse", "Survive 300 rounds" (lvl 5-6)

Going to fix commando, support and berserker a bit.

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