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i'm sorry if i'm new and this is actually allowed but i don't think that advertising to, potentially, underage people is what your company wants to achieve. it would probably be best if you just stated what you did, and then gave a URL to go to so that if people, who could afford to waste money, they could then go to your website and see for themselves.

i hope you in good health but i think that advertising to, possibly, young-teenage children is, in my opinion, morally wrong.

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so, although i am new, i seem to have been the first to question whether this was within the current ruling. i hope this topic, or at the very least the post, gets removed.

edit: 21:08

it seems as well that bublin has now changed the first two posts to just say trololololol.

in my opinion, although i am new, i think that this is a clear violation of the rules and now this new rule break has come to light i am now inclined, although i am not in a moderation position, that bublin should be given at least a warning, or at the very most a temporary ban.

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