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a small request to ban.


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i have recently been made aware that someone has been very active in the theft's of people's hard earned materials and tools in the MineCraft server. i believe his forum name is squirrel dude. when the map had turnip town, i saw him frequent that area and i often found people complaining that items had been stolen and i saw him spending a long time near homes or chests. his IGN may be joostvanderplas. i am unfortunateley unsure of the spelling. i hope to see this thief/potential griefer caught and prosecuted.

although this is a morbid topic i hope you many success to your real life atm and i hope you are all in good health at the moment and continue to be for the forseeable future.

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Without pics and proof, you're pretty much just pointing the finger.

i am in the process of gathering this so called "evidence" and once the minecraft server is back up and running i shall gather this evidence required and submit it and hope this evil fellon is caught.

As always, i wish you good health and successes just shortly after the famous chinese new year.

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