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Hey guys, I have not made a map since 2010 so I have decided to make another one!

Basicly what this map will be at the end is a station on an iceberg a couple of miles away from the 'ambush' oldrig which is already a sign that shit it going to get loose.

This map is in a fairly early stage and as you all might know I like to work on the map and progress through it while getting feedback after each sets of pictures and latest information. (That means Qtesla and Botervloot :V)

Please only give me constructive criticism and make sure its actually decent. I dont want any 'Maek A Baot Pliz' cause there will be no boats to go on.. there will be some crashed ones probably..

The Iceberg may look 'blocky' but thats because its literlly impossible to do it because the iceberg itself is composed of more than 50blocks and it will crash it turned into displacements. But after im done with the map you wont notice the blockyness.. hopefully.

What I have done so far:

  • 3D Skybox
  • Custom Skybox
  • 3 Buildings
  • Iceberg
  • Snowfall
  • Water
  • Lighting

What needs tweaking

  • 3D Skybox
  • Lighting
  • 3 Buildings + Retexturing

What needs to be fixed

  • Snowfall to not go in buildings

What is my main next step

  • Construction and Improving the buildings / Using multiple textures for better variety









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Looks a bit samey as all the other maps you made? Whats going to be the most original about this one?

Well all my maps are original since i never seen anyone do them.

It will be on an Iceberg as you see. Seen any zs maps like that?

If you meant the buildings and that, they will have similar or same design of zs_ambush_v3 since they are like both near eachother and created by the same stuff.

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I think there was a zs map on ice, but I can't remember the name. :rolleyes:

zs_frostbite or zs_nobridge_v7 something like that

More ice caves needed! Xd

more caves would mean a much complex design though. I will see what I can do

That looks pretty freakin brutal!

Looking forward to playing it.


it would look 10 times better with displacements to make it smooth but the design is too complex and will crash it D:

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How about... zs_glacier by Mr. Darkness & Pufulet? :D (Well ya probably know what I mean)


What's to be fixed added:


-Mr. Darkness' special effects in his head right now.

indeed, your time will come <3

Oooh, Pufu <3

You still remember 'bout me!

Lets do it as good as marsh and junkeycanals ( <-I love it. Shame my gmod.org doesnt want to upload it (lags))

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Sorry for being asleep with this map but Clavus started a new minecraft world and necro with his zs updates..etc... :V

I have been mainly working on these ledges as you may see. First Picture shows the ledge, and the secound shows without. Adding little detail like this can greatly improve buildings which I really want. I have also been working on a form of human - transportation to get to the higher areas when being invaded my the zombies at the lower areas and provides a quick and easy get-away. Im still doing loads of testing and its working quite well. I have also shown in 'red' some of my extremely rough blue prints of where i might put the structures. There will be 2 zombie spawns, fairly seperated to avoid camping, which are marked with npc zombies and white arrows.

To Tweak:

  • Failevator
  • Lights
  • Buildings
  • Floodlight


  • Lowered windows so you can see better
  • lighting


  • Building ledges to make them look more better.
  • A temporary empty area in the back of the two structures.

What to do next

  • Decide what goes in the empty area
  • Work on more ledges for the elevator building
  • Add more structures

By the way to all you mappers. I need to add some area portals once im done cause i will be using alot of lights. But all my structures have lots of windows and passages. Any idea?
















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Glaciers arent that cubey I think.

Yeah I'm pretty sure they aren't.

im sorry but i cant do anything about the squareness of it. I tried to turn it into a displacement but because of its complexity it will crash.

Once im done with the map it will be hard to notice it

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Glaciers arent that cubey I think.

Yeah I'm pretty sure they aren't.

im sorry but i cant do anything about the squareness of it. I tried to turn it into a displacement but because of its complexity it will crash.

Once im done with the map it will be hard to notice it

I think if you add a little bit of displacement in the caves and the top it will lokk a bit better (because people dont look at the sides of maps and say OMG NO DISPLACEMENT)

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