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So, some of you might've heard of the game called "World of Tanks", which was in closed beta till today. Now the open beta is live, and I suggest you all try it.

The game features few different game modes, I've only tried the main mode which is "Random Battle". In this game mode, two teams of 15 players will try to win the game by either destroying all enemy tanks are capturing the enemy base.

Ive been in the closed beta for a week now and I think it is quite awesome. The game will be complete free when it is released, and you can use real money to buy some special vehicles & equipment.

Info on the beta and a link to the registration can be found here.

Info about the game itself, along with the full tech-trees(which show all unlockable vehicles) can be found here


WoT review by Segmentnext





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So its a free to play but pay to win game.

Actually not. You'll be getting the tanks without paying real money. Only thing which costs is some premium tanks, premium ammo and Premium account(1-30 days) which gives you 1,5 times the XP and credits for a limited period of time.

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Game is being released today, but they're currently doing a pre-release server maintenance, which can still last up to 14 hours.

Technical details of the hardwipe / full reset:

* Banned accounts (the ones on the non-selected server) created during the server-split on January 17 are to be removed.

* Social contacts are to be removed (friends and ingnore lists).

* Registered clans and their members are to be carried over to the release.

* Hardwipe / full reset is to be performed: experience, gold, credits, research progress, modules, equipment,

* achievements and medals are to be reset.

* Premium tanks for those players who registered using special CBT keys are to be assigned (extra slot included).

* CBT participants registered prior to 27 January 2011 00:00:00 UTC with 1.000 or more battles played according to profile statistics are to be rewarded with M4A2E4 gift tank (extra slot included).


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Yeah I got to the kingtiger in the beta and now doing the russian tree because russians are so damn op in it atm.

You dont need premium to win but without it maintaining tier 7-10 tanks is pretty much impossible without lower tier tanks to farm money with.

You need to pay for premium to play with a platoon btw

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Check out the interview where one of the developers talks about the game, tank painting, teamwork, historical missions...

More plans of WOT developers were revealed by Victor Kislyi in Hämeenlinna Tank Museum, Finland.

Part 1: Game overview and whats happening now (1:33)

Part 2: Realism vs Fun factor - is the game a simulator or a shooter (2:18)

Part 3: Future of the game: mines, anti-tank obstacles, infantry... (3:29)

Part 4: More about future, specially about infantry (1:11)

Part 5: Historical missions & Finland (3:08)

Part 6: Modding & Tank skins (1:47)

Part 7: Team play & premium tanks (3:54)

Part 8: Personal preferences and gaming (4:15)

Part 9: Ending comments (1:05)

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Started to play this game :).

It seems very interesting, having to modify the tank and using tactics to strike the enemies.

What I don't get is how people can handle those slow ass 20km/h moving tanks.

LTractor or MT T2 is best for me as they are fast and have decent firepower.

My dad used to play this game and he said that it's good but there was one thing he hated which was the way the tanks disappear. I might try it my self too.

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