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The GunRun Redesign


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I've just updated GunRun with the latest additions, also containing a buckload of SWEP Construction Kit weapons. However, it doesn't contain any new missions yet. Here's why.

Right now, GunRun doesn't work. In a way that it doesn't make enough sense, it's not very accessible, and it's not very addicting. This is kind of an hard conclusion to come to as the designer, but it's better to man up than to continue down a wrong path.

So what now? Well, GunRun needs a redesign. The main element, having a ton of weapons to play around with, needs to be maintained, but in a very different form.

For example, isn't it better to make it strictly round based with only 2 teams? Much like how CSS starts out, but then with different sorts of missions. The gameplay needs to be more streamlined and less confusing for newcomers.

Should we make it free-for-all? Problem with this is that it gets tedious and chaotic with lots of players. Plus team-based is more fun and allows you to play specific roles.

Everything is up the air right now, so I'd like to hear your ideas on this. What do you like about the current GunRun, and what do you think could be improved? What other possible ideas are there? Maybe give it a more RPG-ish twist?

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I want to avoid making it a grind of any sort, so if there's going to be XP, it needs to have a smart system behind it.

There's two things that need to be looked at, the micro and macro level. On the micro level: what does a player achieve on a round or map? What is he trying to achieve?

On a macro level: what persistent statistics grow with the player across play sessions? What is the long-term goal?

Another major element in GunRun is in how the player finds weapons. Do they get dropped (like in the current version)? Can he 'craft' them? Buy them?

I think that the player should be able to work towards getting a specific weapon, without having the random chance of drops or other random numbers involved.

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You should make it clearer that the diffrent corporations are diffrent teams. Kinda.

You should change the splash screen so that it shows what the benefits from each corp is, and what each class gets. You should also add more unique equipment or abilities to each corp.

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I want to keep the corporations too, but no longer as something that determines what team you're on. Plus I want to have it completely clear what team you're part off, without that changing on the fly.

An idea is to split up the players in two teams (like two countries fighting each other, while the corporations make profit from the war), and build other mechanics around that.

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And maybe make the explosions smaller or something on gm_floatingworlds, because all the weapons fly off the map

I like the idea of two countries, but it could easily create conflict. I would go with a much more neutral contrast, like colors.

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How about each round having one or two related missions that lasts throughout the map? Like; "You're getting transported to cs_italy to deal with a headcrab infestation" in the map change screen, and when you're in the game you choose what corp to work for. Then There could be 5 headcrab missions, and when they're all dead, there's a mission where you have to kill something big, or half of the players turn into zombies or something. That way you could get a lot of variation in the gameplay. Let's say there's 6 of these 'gametypes', and you've got 20 maps in the mapcycle. That's 120 diffrent situations that could last up to 10 minutes each, depending on the amount of time you put into each gametype.

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2 Teams is a good idea.

You could use info_player_terrorist/counterterrorist instead of random info_player_spawns

Weapon system ideas:

Each team has a class. The certain class will have his own weapons.

I think that you might make a weapon system for it and give an inventory, so every class you unlock will allow you to get a better weapon.

For example there are 5 classes. (e.g. Sniper, Scout, Engineer, Shotgunner, Soldier)

Sniper on lvl 1 has a Scout sniper, pistol and knife.

Scout on lvl 1 has a mp5, pistol and knife.

Engineer on lvl1 has a special weapon (like the ones you have done with that flechette thing, which you shoot it and it eats heads), pistol, knife.

Shotgunner on lvl 1 has a M90 Super Shotgun (Duh), pistol, knife.

Soldier has any explosive, an M4A1, pistol, knife.

Each class will be abled to use weapon slot for placing in it a new weapon. The more weapons you carry in weapon slots - the slower your running speed will be.

Also. If for example you will be using a weapon which is not original for your class, you will shoot bad with it. You will need to kill enemies to get experience of usage of this weapon. (Idea stolen from Borderlands)


Gameplay ideas:

-Each time they earn a level they are abled to use more types of weapons, also that the weapons should be more powerful.

-So for example soldier unlocks a grenade and a new rifle availabled (you will need to find it)

-You will also have a backpack and a store, where you can sell old weapons and buy new ones after the end of the round or before entering the new round.

-By completing missions you will get money, which you will be able to use to buy stuff aswell.

-If you die, you drop a random ammount of money, which players can pick up. (As well as you can pick up their money when they die)

-When you gain max lvl, you will be abled to prestige. This will make your rank in-game higher. The higher prestige you have, the more "cool" you are. :P

-Sometimes you will be abled to find a randomly dropped weapon. [Press E to pick up] (It will have a level requirement shown, so if you have a lower level, you can't pick it up)

About missions I think that they could be old ones. For easy ones you get a low prise.

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