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Well, I was just bored and tryed to find some tutorials about hacking accounts ;)

But then i found these videos!


That+Gun*More= End of humanity xD

Maybe some people already know that, but that's the first time heared of it, that

it is possible to hack kinect or other things like that :o

There is even an Website about hacking it and other creative things they build

with kinect http://kinecthacks.net

I just thought some people may wanted to know that :D

But what do you think about it? Would you hack kinect too, if you had

more knowledge about hacking :D? I would B)


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It's ofc cool to have these things. But isnt it just easier to use keyboard and mouse.

I only know one "input" device (like mouse/keyboard) which can be in public use about in 10 years, is Emotic EPOC.


Yea. you actually use your computer with thoughts. Not usefull for playing tho because of delay.

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