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Favourite Console?

Favourite Console?  

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    • Nintendo Wii
    • Sony Playstation 3
    • Microsoft Xbox 360

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Okay I know consoles are kinda no comparison to the good old Pc, But say there was a HUUUGE fire and your house burnt down along with your beloved computer, and the memories were to painful to purchase a new Pc, which out of the current generation consoles would you buy?

Im going to have to go with 360, mainly for Gears of War & Gta4 both on the system.

I currently have a 360 & Wii but I never use my Wii, it was just an 'on the spot' purchase.

I was going to put a "Rather jump off a cliff" choice in the poll but I can see everyone choosing that then :lol:

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Think I'd buy a Playstation 3, if I had the money. There are some games on there (and still coming) that I'd like to play.

We have a Wii at my parents home, but after Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros Brawl the thing's just collecting dust.

And Xbox 360 has hardware issues, requires money to play online, and the good games get ported to the PC anyway.

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I think I'll choose a PS3 too. Even though I have a Xbox 360, the PS3 has a more interesting range of games and better hardware. Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, and ofcourse free online gaming.

I never thought of buying Gears of War, though the co-op is probarbly a lot of fun. But in the end, I'd rather have a PS3.

It's just a shame it's so friggin' expensive...

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Xbox 360 <3

Dont have it but i play sometime's by a friend and its play good.

Playstation controllers sucks serious can't game with it D: .

I personally like the PS3 controllers better. It's a good thing they didn't make those banana/boomerang controllers after all:


Final design:


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I've got a 360 and I'd have to choose it, despite the red rings of doom(i prefer doom to death) which I've had twice now. Sure, ps3 has free online, but it also costs loads to buy in the first place. There's no graphic difference between the two.

Plus, ps3 is made by Sony and I don't like Sony because I hate SOE.

I have a wii too, but wiis are more for family gaming than anything else. Party gaming, stuff like that.

You can't really compare consoles and pcs; consoles play games better (except some fps like l4d) because that's what they are made for. But on pcs, you can edit games and make your own and stuff (ie gmod)

And you can voice macro spam on l4d :P

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PS3 is WAAY better then Xbox 360. It's just harder to program.


PS3 beats the 360 10 to 1.

The 360 is already been pushed to it's limit, PS3 hasn't even gone as far as half.

Agian, I have an 360, but I hate it. The only good part is that there are some games out only on 360. But if else, ps3 also have those games.

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Bah! ps3 sux, XBox has better graphuics than ps3

Epic fanboy spelling + statement . o well :V

I have a PS3 and its pretty good, most games on Xbox go to PC anyway.

Gears of War, Halo etc etc.

Ps3 has LBP (good game, looks childish but i got addicted to level building O_o) , Killzone , MGS etc. But i do admit Gears of war is pretty good.

I dont say i hate the xbox. i like PS3 more. (free online :drool:) dont forget Blu Ray allows larger games because of more space.

They both have better graphics than each other. And all Xbox 360's can do FullHD(1080p) nowdays.

And the answer is X360.


i lol'd

Ps3 also can 1080P too :V

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