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Raptor's Admin Application


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Raptor's Admin Applycation

Gameserver: Garry's Mod - Zombie Survival

Age: 15

Country of origin: Germany, Baden-Württemberg

Link to SteamCommunity profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993966355

Link to Xfire profile: -

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

My name is Jason or better known as "Raptor". I am 15 years old and I go to the

Albert-Schweitzer-School. I am in 9th grade. I like videogames, basketball, movies and just going out with friends. I am good at drawing and animating, but I am also learning programming right now. I am playing GMod for 2 years now.

Well, the most people on this forum already know me, so I think I do not need to add that much

of personal things, but I can tell that I love ZS. I play always on the Mr. Green

server, because of the original design, maps and some players.

I almost play everyday Zombie Survival on this server and that is one of the good reasons

why I should become an Admin.

The most Admins (accept of Necrossin) are not that much active on this server, which I

think is a big problem. The most Admins do not even know that there are some annoying

trouble makers who always chat spam or mic spam the server and no player can do something about it. But there is also a lot of fighting between players on the server.

That doesn't bother the other players, but in those fights sometimes racist phrases get used.

I do not know if it is because of the time differences why the most admins are not online

if something like that happens on the server, but it would be good to have some other reliable and more active admins. I know that we can start topics to ban players who broke

the rules, but not everyone is doing that and I can not start 30 topics just because the other players are too lazy to report on their own, but as an admin I could end conflicts

and spaming at the moment when they happen.

Here are some moments we had needed an admin:




Of course I am not writing my applycation because of some little disagreements I might had,

but at some point the trouble makers need to be punished.

I am taking the job as an admin serious, but I do understand the border between fun and hatred. It can be hard to accept the behaviour of some young players who are trying to rage other players by ruining the game, but I do have the discipline to punish players who really

broke the rules.

Maybe some people on the forum would think I am too young, but now I have some time for work like that and this might change when I am older. If you give me the chance I will prove

that I am a good admin. I hope the reason why I want to be an admin is clear and it

would be awesome to become one :P but I can accept if I get rejected :o

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R stands for Red that's the colour of a snail.

A is for apes with a funky-ass smell.

P is for peanut and that doesn't taste so well.

E is excuse me this is a fail.

T stands for Tijuana and a polar bear.

O means the sun and planets around there.

R is for Really cool so make admin right now.

And then the cat and the tomato.

I see chearleaders for you.

Good luck, Raptor. I think that you will be a very good admin.

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Good luck Raptor.

Also, that damn Alucard, he be hating on Thyomines. :angry:

Alucard is an asshole.

Good luck raptor, i cant recall playing with you but im sure I did, i just got bad memory sometimes :V

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