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MS Paint Adventures is a website created by Andrew Hussie. It features various interactive adventures, which most people consider as webcomics as well.

Pictures are a bit different compared to normal comics/webcomics though, as the art is shown as animated gifs and flash animations/games in addition to normal pictures.

Currently the site hosts 4 different adventures:

Homestuck[iN PROGRESS]


Homestuck is a story about John Egbert and his friends who start playing a game together.

That, however is just the starting point for the story.

It is so far the largest adventure on MS Paint Adventures, and is known for it's occasional flash animations and games, as well as amazing music.

Homestuck isn't that interactive as the previous adventures have been, but it is still developed on the go.

Currently it is still in progress, and has 3000+ pages.

Problem Sleuth[FINISHED]


In Problem Sleuth players took part of a hardboiled detective with the same name as the title.

However, it appears that he is trapped in his own office, and of course, has to get out.

This story is finished and has over 1000 pages.

Other adventures are Jailbreak and Bard Quest, but I never have bothered reading them myself as they are really short and have never been finished (and prodably never will).

Even though the adventures tend to be long, I recommend giving them a go when you happen to be bored or otherwise interested in reading them.

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