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What girl do you fancy?

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So, what (un)popular girl do you like? Whether it be in good looking-ness, personality, whatever makes them your idol.

One rule:

NO NEED FOR NUDE GIRLS! :mr-green: There are other topics for your masturbation needs.

So of course I love Cleo from H2O, because she looks hawt (just like all other girls in that show).


Secondly I will always remain fan of Gigi, she has the same birthday as me and is born in Holland too.


Oh and the last one for now will not be another actress but a tennis player.


If you do not like these girls I posted... THEN I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU FIND A BETTER GIRL, YOU SHERMHEAD!

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Sorry, don't like any of popular ones.

Sorry, don't have any photos of girls in my school.

Sorry, Yoshi, but I don't fancy any of those you posted.


So you leik men.

Im a homosexual.

But yeah, there actually were threads like that.

Thats disgusting

Oh you!

Homosexuals are gay!


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