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Is it possible?

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TL;DR, my question is: is it possible to gain good reputation after all the shit I've done? Or will I forever be marked as a 'creepy nerdy retard kid' by that school?

Please. No teasing.

just be nice :) and be social and they will probably forget about the past

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And if any of the bullies from the past does come back to you to bully you, either completely ignore him.

Ignoring can be pretty hard, so a second option is to just hit him back in the face (a few times).

Both these options will stop bullies from bullying, second option does can get yourself into trouble tho(got experience with it).

Most important to keep in mind tho: Stay yourself, don't act like someone else because others want you to. There are enough other people to be friends with, don't search for them, they will just be there at some moment.

Do what you want, fuck what others think and life live to the max!

I hope this might help you in any way, the best luck wished from me! B)

I've been in a similar position as you described, but less extreme.

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I agree with Bouwe, stay yourself, be neutral.And fuck the "reputation", others won't give you anything but problems.

I have been neutral a lot, did not fight anyone and I've 'chosen' my friends (I don't make friend with everyone, just with people that are nice and stuff, I'm just friendly with others, that's all).

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And Messy, it's not hard to hit someone in the face. It hurts though. I'll aim for the ribs, though nobody really fights at my school (which is strange because it's Israel).

I don't hurt when I do it. If you practise a bit you will not hurt if you do it.

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I was in the same position too. Maybe 4x less hard.

There was 1 guy pissing me off and then beggining to bully me. I just couldnt keep listening to his bullies and really frightened him saying I was ready to fight him. He shit his pants that day.

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