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The TF2 Replay Video thread.

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Post your hilarious/cool/bloodthirsty/sweet/extreme TF2 replay-experiments here.

Ill start off with this insane action packed 3:31 oscar winning replay.

One Life On Nucleus.

Also don't forget to comment on eachothers video telling what was cool/bad, and help eachother improving their vids!

Now get posting.

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I also have a purple crosshair O.o

Im to lazy to reinstall tf2 :V

Steam window -> Right click TF2 -> Properties -> Local files -> Verify integrity of game cache

Leave it alone for a minute and it'll fix your files.

Thank you :)

But that was more funny with errors. xD

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Some more added :D

1 - Team Fortress 2 replay: Gone snipin' - Sawmill (Arena)

2 - Team Fortress 2 replay: Gone snipin' - Sawmill (KoTH)

3 - Team Fortress 2 replay: Gone snipin' 2 - Sawmill (KoTH) (Hundy is gonna love dat one <3)

Gonna upload the game on Harvest map later on.

Enjoy watchin' theese vids, mates :)

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We need to make a professional movie with this, Green cats.

Like 'The Thief In The Night':

There is a huge fortress called Team Fortress (literally). It's called that because every floor is dominated by a certain class (think of the movie The Warriors).

Spy has to use it's stealth skills and silence assassinations to get to the top floor of the fortress, where the Intelligence lies. So Spy sneaks up there full of stealth (think of the game Splinter Cell), but then when he picks up the Intelligence, the alarm rings, and Spy will have to make his way out of the Fortress by using smarter moves, as stealth won't work anymore.

So if anyone of you Green cats feel like playing in that, or maybe, if you're experienced, create the "Team Fortress" with Hammer Editor, that would be AWESAHM.

(As in 'awesome' but you don't pronounce it like 'awesome' but you pronounce it like 'awesahm'. The difference is that awesome means just awesome but AWESAHM is just plain AWESAHM. You know?)

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Sounds interesting yoshi! sadly im not experienced with creating map so i could only put in soem idea and take part as an actor or smth ^^ just tell me if you decide to do smth!


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