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Zombie Survival - A Story

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Silver Dot rubbed his weary eyes as he continues walking on a long and dark road, packed with many survivors. He slung his bag around and took it, unzipping it and taking out his medical kit. He looked around as people walk on, coughing, bleeding, screaming and moaning.

He took a syringe out of the kit and injected the liquid into his vein, grunting unpleasantly. He threw the medkit away, seeing as how it was empty and useless. He took a glance above his head: LEVEL 0. "FUCK," he said.

An hour passed. He began to feel an unpleasant beating noise near him. People began screaming. Silver looked behind him. He screamed in his manly, monotone voice. His question was answered.

Tall, fat abominations came running towards them, their screams muffled as a headcrab sat atop them. Their guts were slowly spilling out, their organs in plain sight, their clothes covered in flesh. Silver began to run as he took his P228 from its holster.

He turned around, crouched and took aim. He pulled the trigger, a 9 millimeter bullet flew out and missed the abomination by a centimeter. He pulled it again. The bullet hit the zombie's host, the headcrab. It flew off the poor soul's head and the body dropped to the ground. Silver turned around and began running.

Babies were crying, men were dying, women were shrieking. Silver's mind was a web of misery and dark thoughts, "Why? Is this really Zombie Survival? Is this who we are? Nothing more but a bunch of 15 year old's playing a game?!"

Silver spotted a small hut to the left of the road. He began running towards it. He rammed the door and closed it behind him, putting whatever he can to block the door and create a makeshift barricade.

He sunk down to the floor next to a rotting corpse as the screams echoed outside and the zombies passed on, thinking, "Survival? I doubt this is survival.."

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