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You have too played video games when...

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Hey, I just got this idea, in this topic you can tell us different "situations" that would happen IRL if you have played too much videogames.


You have played too much Fallout when you're collecting bottle caps, thinking they can be used as money.

You have played too much Pokémon when you're trying to catch animals with pokéballs..


I start : You have played too much Splinter Cell when you try to see if you're completely hidden in the shadows.

If we run out of ideas maybe we can use movie references later.

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It's not because I play videogames too long (although I do), it's just that I take them too serious.

When I play Paper Mario again for example, my whole real life world changes into a Paper Mario world. On the Dutch Mr. Green forum, I ended all of my posts with '...', and never used a single smiley, for a couple of months, as I was idolizing a Paper Mario character who is the same.

In-game characters turn my friends. I know they aren't real, but they are just so much cooler than real life humans. So then I just act like they are real.

Oops, I almost forgot the useful part of the post:

I played too much Oblivion and started having the urge to steal tiny things.

I played too much TF2 and almost fell down the stairs, as I thought I had a Double Jump, like Scout.

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You've played a lot of Half Life and now you cannot wait untill some epic zombie alien outbreak and start to kill them with your crowbar since it's fuckin' awesome to do and you can't care less about other who will die due this event.

How is this thread entertaining in any way.

Because it lets out all the ideas that games give to you so by judging how many titles and how often are spoken of you can tell how awesome that game is.

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You know you have played too much Super Mario 64 when...

...it's 14th of May, 2011, and on that day you hook up your Nintendo 64 to your TV again, and start a new game of Super Mario 64, and even though you already played through it like 4000 times, you STILL read every sign, STILL talk to every Toad, and STILL get amazed by the game with the most fantastic 3D worlds EVER.

I must say I feel soooooooooo bad for people who didn't get to play Super Mario 64. Oh well, you still have Super Mario Galaxy, but you gotta start playing that right now then, or it might be too late!

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