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Your most succesfull youtube video


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I just came across some old youtube acounts I own and noticed that videos I uploaded quite a while ago are pretty well known.

My GTA IV bike glitch video:

Almost 60000 views :yeah:, but the buthole youtube shitfaces deleted the audio :getout:

Some Crysis sandbox trailer kind of shit with some southern Arabian guy explaining what he is doing. I don't remember why I posted this on my acc. so don't ask.

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8 aug 2007

1951 views :o

And the 2nd best viewed is

15 apr 2010


And this is the 3rd. (Yes, I did that while driving 100km/h)

20 aug 2010


edit: oversaw this one:

it has 409 views, its a training for the dutch Riot Control

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Most successful. LOL

98% of voters voted "dont like"

Has the most views. If you didn't notice, videos like "Friday" by Rebecca Black and "Baby" by Justin Beaver, has millions of views, yet most of them are disliked; thus leading to their success worldwide in the amazing travel of bad music and fans that consist of pre-pubescent boys and raving, ugly girls that think only of jeans and makeup.

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with 25 936 views and 65 likes, 5 doesn't like. i made this easy mouse aimed tutorial in gmod.

thought there is advanced moveable E2 mouse aimed turret. but it camed later so this is my most viewed video.

Damn! It was your video o.0. That was one of those videos, which teached me some wire mod :D.

Most succesfull video uploaded to youtube... Well it's not something i am proud of, and therefor i am not going to link it here (Some people do know it. And no, it's not my suicide video)

Here's picture as an proof


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I own everyone with my video of 165837 views!

.................except CyriusG...

But I have another vid with 157887 views, but that video was deleted for a whole year by YouTube, and then it suddenly came back again, so people weren't able to watch the video for a year... so.............. um..... I still win anyway, if you want or not! >;{

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That vid of Mif was quite damn easy to find, not linking it here tho. Else he'd have linked it himself.

Video is nice tho. (Looking at the editing and not the lame content :P )

Well thanks. Lame contend indeed

(And now everyone's looking for it...)

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