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Gameserver: Mr.Green Garry's Mod Zombie Survival

Age: 17

Country I live in:USA

Link to SteamCommunity profile *: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197981328094/

Link to IRC: http://raptr.com/raidersfan64

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

I been admin on many servers like zs , DarkRP i maded,ext.

I like to help players if they dont know how to play the server.And help them if they have any ?'s.

I make maps too,like zs_Barren_v8.1 put it was for my server but it doesnt work any more because it was running on a older verion of the updates and i couldnt update it because it said it was. I know how to make inprovments by the turret.Sometimes it looks like it is damaged so bad it wouldnt more at noraml speed and it wouldnt say my name to.But i didn't ask to be admin on almost all servers put 1 out of 5 i need to and the servers i didnt ask to be admin was because they thought i was already wrothy.

Thats why i want to be admin on this server. :)x

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I hate to be the one to do this but, I think you should acquaint yourself with the forums more. You've only been on the forums a few weeks and only have six posts. Furthermore, you should try and improve your English a bit. Grammar mostly.

Good luck.

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Thanks but i think i am not going to be admin. :(

Wait for it to be declined, and then you can try again and again, with stages of improvement and time. :lol:
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