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You probably heard of zs through a friend or stopped by on this forum and think: What is Zombie Survival ?

Zombie survival is a game were you try to survive a zombie apocalypse. You can start out as Zombie (small chance) or Human.

Human: Your goal is to survive 20 minutes in order to win the round, but when you die your chances arent lost. When you manage to kill 4 humans you can redeem and be a human again and be able to get another go at winning the round.

There are 5 human classes you can choose from, all have their own (dis)advantages.

1. Medic: you spawn with a medpak with which you heal your teammates. Your goal is to keep your teammates healed while not getting killed.


2. Engineer: you got a chance to spawn with mines, cades and/or pulse smg. Your task is to block zombies in corridors with cades and blow them up.


3. Marksman: You shoot with great accuracy and are a master of Sniping. Your goal is to keep zombies stalled on long distances.


4. Support: you spawn with a hammer which is the best way to make a decent cade. Your goal is to make and keep the cade healthy.


5. Commando: packed with armor and big guns you are the most dangerous class, but because of this your slow. Your goal is to kill zombies.


Zombies: your goal is to kill as many humans as you can and redeem.


To be able to redeem you got 8 zombie classes available: (which can be selected with F3)

1. Normal zombie: average hp, average speed, good at close range and longe range when using props.

2. Poison zombie: high hp, slow as hell, high dmg which makes it very good at long range. Good at propkilling and has the ability to heal other zombies.

3. Ethereal zombie: low hp, very fast with teleport, high dmg when you hit in back and medium at front. Sucks at propkilling.

4. Howler: low hp, good speed, can hit multiple humans at same time. Has a chance of creating a sound shield that deflects bullets.

5. Poison headcrab: small and low hp, good speed. Good at long range. Can hit one target with long lasting dmg effect and one target with immediate small dmg .

6. Normal headcrab: low hp, fast , low dmg, hard to spot. Ideal for a distraction.

7. Fast zombie: low hp, very fast, low dmg and can push humans from higher ground.

8. Zombine: high hp and armor, slow when full hp, fast when in rage (damaged). He can pull out a grenade and explode or hit close range.


Now that you know all classes you can choose from, lets list chat commands: (some are available in F4 menu, check it out)

- !rtd : roll the dice: 3/6 are good things, the other 3/6 arent.

- !levelstats : shows your level progress from your human class you last played or are playing now.

- !classinfo: shows all the perks your class has.

- !kill : commit suicide. This isnt possible in the first 5 minutes or when your last human.

- !hclass (human class): this sets the class you become when you redeem.

- !autoredeem: Turns autoredeem on/off.

- !shop: opens the shop where you can buy hats, upgrades and title editor.

Different menu's:

F1: has alot of submenus. Such as help and shop.


F2: redeem button for zombies and weapon tree for humans.


F3: zombie classes for zombies and drop current weapon for humans.


F4: options menu where you can tweak certain settings.


TAB: Scoreboard


Green shop: ( shop gives good info so im not gonna talk through all upgrades, but i will take the top 5)

1. Quick cure: a life saver in alot of situations. Heals you to 30 hp, 1hp a second.

2. Fast redeem: you tend to die alot and one less human to kill is alot. 1/4 less to kill.

3. Lady luck: !rtd can be a bitch, with this !rtd chooses your side more. You cant blow up or lose a brain anymore.

4. Adrenaline: when your low on hp you dont wanna be extra slow. You get normal speed on low hp.

5. Comeback: when you redeem you need more than a crappy pistol. Gun you get depends on infliction. [human/zombie ratio and time]


Tips: (my own tips)

1. Stick as a group, this also counts for the zombie team. Teamwork is the key to winning.

2. Dont blame medics for your death, this will only result in less healing.

3. When round starts wait for people to connect. Dont be an ass and early cade. (rule 1)

4. Share weapons when you arent using them, this will result in a higher chance of survival.

5. When you are zombie try to share kills, sharing results in more redeemers and that way in a higher chance of survival.

6. Dont ragequit when you cant get kills, ask for help from a human. There is always someone willing to make the game more interesting.

7. Admins are players to and shouldnt be spared. (you get an achievement for killing one)

8. Try to focus on fun rather than leveling. To much people wanting to lvl results in a boring round.

9. Be nice to fellow players and get rewarded. Be an ass and get your ass kicked.

10. Only get supply crates when you need them and are sure that they can be taken without dieing.

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Sry to say this but l2r, its a wip. Im still busy writing it :S. Im writing it on my iphone so thats why its a bit disorganised. I will add screenshots in the weekend. Thx for the advice though :).

@hero: its meant to teach new players and attract new players.

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Can controller users get free aimbot?

Because I don't like how ZS (compared to CSS) is punishing good mouse aimers. :'(

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I changed it to average, gonna check for mistakes tomorrow. Its a real pain in the ass typing on your iphone, the small screen makes it hard. When i get on my pc i will add more info to classes and make it more clearly what the differences are. I got pretty big progress on my iphone so im gonna get some sleep. :D

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I can see "teamwork" "share" "help your mates" etc here, but in game it's more "barricade yourself like a pussy and camp" "get outside to get ammo when you're running out of them and go back camping" "run as a medic". :/

Good tuto though.

This is "The basics" tuto, so it helps you do well, not best.

Maybe Damied does not want any more dicks in the server, and you must be a pro too become a dick.

(Or you have to be a dick to become a pro?)

Either way its hard work, and this tuto is for nawb anyways.

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